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The new Connection Vouchers Scheme 2017


Connection Vouchers Scheme 2017

Latest on the push to get small business connected 

There's a new broadband voucher scheme to help your small business. As a company that support small businesses and sells small businesses broadband, we'd like to tell you more about it...

Karma Computing

The last broadband voucher scheme was ran between 2013 - 2015 which saw a £40m Government fund to help get small business broadband avalable to more UK businesses.

There's a new scheme coming this year with the same objective: to get more businesses connected to faster broadband - or connected in the first place.  The previous scheme was only subscribed to by 50  cities accross the UK, which leaves many more businesses in need of faster broadband or being better connected.  In 2017 the government is proposing to start a new broadband voucher scheme worth £3,000 for small businesses as reported by the Telegraph.

My business already has broadband, how does this benefit me?

You could get faster broadband, but be careful!

We spoke to ex BT & Openreach engineers to get their view on broadband as it stands in the UK, and whether it's best to swtich, stay, or upgrade your connection.

Accordinly to Geoff Grove, who had 23 years experience working for BT he's quite clear that a lot of customers switch when they don't need to

Make sure that when you're switching you're sure that it's not just a fault on the line- according to our research, a lot of customers switch to a new providers thinking they'll get a bette speed, when actually it's nothing to do with the providor. See below the view from Geoff Grove who knows his stufff having previously worked  as a BT local Telephone Engineer for over 23 years. 

A network of experts

"If you're switching because of poor speeds, or a bad quality connection- no amount of switching broadband providers will help you. You need to get the line sorted by a qualified engineer."

Geoff Grove, 23 years experience working for BT as an engineer & founder of

At Karma Computing, we trust Geoff's network of skilled engineers to take the time to fix the issues- they're highly qualified and many of them helped build the network that much of the UK uses today. This costs money but we think it's right to solve the underlying issues and being transparent.

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How to I get broadband the vouchers?

A decision on funding is expected in the Budget on March 8th 2017

Want to be reminded when it's available?

Give us a call on 020 3095 1759 or recieve a message when it's ready.