Can I Get Broadband Without A Phone Line?

Yes! But don't you mean without a phone package?

Odoo Members Look- No Phone Package!

Just ask for a line without a voice service!

Let's face it most people these days only need the line for broadband anyway. As explained above a telephone line is still needed but not a voice service. That's the confusion in the market today with all the confusing offers. Some providers even charge more when you would rather not want a service (we're looking at you Virgin!).

Just get a Wifi deal without a phone line

Our bare bones service comes with just a broaband connection and Wifi router. The speed you get is the fastest we can provide. If you're in an area that has fibre then great! If not you'll still get the fastest non-fibre speed we can provide. 

What you need is a POTS line without telephone service

The UKs broadband network runs accross the telphone network over trunks owned mostly by BT.  They have a universal obligation to provide a telehone service- not broadband- but bare with!  You don't need a phone line per-say, you just need a broadband line without a phone service. Other companies inter-connect to build-out the broadband network- otherwise it wouldnt make much sense to be called the internet! 

You don't need a telephone service to have broadband. But wait a seccond! You still need a telephone line in order for the broadband to 'get to' your home or business address. We sell broadband without a telephone service, because we're a young company and understand that people don't use their landline anymore. This is where the confusion lies for most people- but now you know! If you've read this far, send us a text on 020 3095 1759 to get a further £5 off your broadband with no phone service. 

What about Virgin Media, don't they own their own network? Yes and no, because you're wanting to be connected to the internet it's impossible to stay within one network. Microsoft did The the UK telecommunications Infrastructure is built upon many trunks being connected togeather. BT is connected to Virgin, Level 3 Communications and other lesser known companies which help move traffic around. 


Up to 24Mbps

Get online with good speeds and a stable connection, great for smaller businesses and available to more than 90% of UK premises


per month Was £48.99!
  • Download speeds up to 24Mbps
  • Unlimited usage!
  • UK phone and chat support
  • Minimum 3-month contract
  • Upfront cost of £29.99

Up to 80Mbps

Download huge files minutes or even seconds, rather than hours. Perfect for larger businesses, available to over 80% of UK premises


per month Was £52.99!
  • Download speeds up to 80Mbps
  • Unlimited usage!
  • UK phone and chat support
  • Minimum 12-month contract
  • Upfront cost of £39.60


Wannt to get broadband only without a phone package?

Join us today and enjoy friendly Newcastle based support.