Photo Wall

Rolling your own social wall with Python. Part one

Christopher Simpson

"Give me a place to show all my media in one place"

A social media wall similar to & livewall

Shebangs Clothing is a pretty awesome new fashion brand to emerge out of Leicester, a small city in the UK. It's branding is clean, and message clear. What they need(ed) is an easy way to create a social wall that they can administer, which collates all their pictures into a collage. This will then serve as a livly backdrop to all the exciting designs they produce and video interview with bands.

The photowall app is very simple in its current form, it simply takes a directoy of photos and using a python script generates a database of these files allowing metadata to be stored about the photos including:

  •  Allows a link to be added to each photo - e.g. Click a photo to go to the related blog post or product
  • A 'social wall' type html page is generated
  • The code exposes the social wall as a service, which refreshes every 10 minutes to check for new items. You can install it on your server and have it run in the background.
Odoo image and text block

CSS Photo Wall Styling 

The ever useful css-tricks website gives an excellent example of how to impliment a seamless responsive photo grid written by Chris Coyier. 

We wrapped this into a python script allowing the Shebangs team to add their own images, and boom we have the start of a social wall which they can add/edit content to their social wall.

Here's the live demo of the wall

What's next

Twitter & Instagram integration (maybe?)

The majority of this tool is a python script partnered with an Sqlite database. The code has been released and the following updates are being considered (time permitting)

  • Twitter / Instagram / (insert social platform here) integration
  • A better admin interface for photowall, probably using the Flask based Sqlite browser or similar