Planning A Successful Website

How to create a successful website strategy


Start by setting your objectives

Without planning or asking why does my website exist? You have no motivation to understand reason behind creating the website. It might sound obvious, but without it your web developers will be left guessing what it is you're trying to achieve. It's your business, make your ambitions, and business objectives clear from the onset. 

Read & action Avinash Kauskik's Digital Marketing and measurement model, there's a recording of the blog post in that link. Come back here after listening. 

Remember SMART objectives? 

Time to take them seriously- because now we can measure them! 

Set goals for your website- make them meaningful, attatch time bound targets to them. Why? Because then marketing should configure analytic tools like Google Anlytics to measure the performance of these goals. 

Did you know? By configuring goals in tools like Google Analytics, it becomes easy to see which of your marketing efforts are bringing the best return on investment. Why would you not do this?

Wouldn't it be great to know where your valuable time is best spent... now you can, by putting the time and effort into creating a measurement plan and tracking these goals. 

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