Technology Content  Creator 

Remote Working Part Time

Writing  for an open source project

Subscribie is a Subscription Website Builder which helps small businesses and start-ups create subscription based websites.
The ability to quickly and efficiently create a subscription website is it's niche.

Role & Objectives

Our first objective is to reach more people seeking information on this topic and then, encourage people to build a site using our system.

We're looking for a content creator to build on our own efforts to create guides / information / how-to articles on our website.

Examples of organisations which do this very well, and are a big inspiration include:

The objective is to create equally valuable, well researched, evergreen content which is connected to subscription based businesses, and the topics surrounding.

Remuneration: £50 per month, 3 well researched original long form articles per month aimed at meeting the objectives set out above



  • Keen researcher to understand the pain-points / related topics in this sector
  • Experience writing for the web
  • Excellent grammar and spelling
  • Familiar with calls-to-action
  • Attitude: Content is king, values accuracy and time to research 

Very Desirable:

  • Interest in the small business (SME) economy as it becomes more digital
  • Understanding of Digital Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Familiar with tools such as Google Trends
  • Familiar with social channels (Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook) for promoting content


Please provide examples of work and reasons why you'd like to join our project