Business Mobile Phone Contract

SIM Only, Choose your number, office & mobile phone 

This is a business phone number, with a SIM card which you can put into your phone. We can also connect this number to an office phone over the internet (you don't need to pay line rental, you just need an internet connection).  

We only charge you for the calls & texts you make. There's no need to "top up" your phone, just pay £6 per month and get charged for the calls you make on top of that. See our call rates below.

Are you a real mobile phone network?

No. We use the O2 Network through a highly competent telecommunications solutions provider called Andrews & Arnold Ltd. They also provide excellent broadband services

We are able to provide this service through them. Karma Computing handles all the set-up and customer support for your phone service. We're specialised in supporting SMEs & sole traders. We're here to help you with set-up, and support. 

Note: Please do not call Andrews & Arnold for support with our Karma Voice product, contact us instead as they are under no obligation whatsoever to support Karma Computing customers.

How long is the contract?

30 days rolling contract. You are free to leave this service after 30 days, for the duration of your contract you are liable for the cost of all calls and texts made through our service- of course. There is no lengthly contract. 

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